Foreign Language's Influence on English

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Foreign Language's Influence on English With the development of globalization and science revolution, English become a more and more privileged language in the process of communication and negotiation. Over three hundred million people use English as their mother language. And over one billion people use English in their daily life. Widely usage of English is not only connected to British history with all the invasion and colonization but also related to the fact that English is a tolerate language. Whenever there is shortage of vocabulary, English would directly borrow from other language instead of making words on their own. Over sixty percent of twenty thousand commonly used words in English are borrowed from other languages. Foreign languages influence the quality of English in a sense of grammars, soundings and meanings as well as the quantity of English vocabulary. The increasing of English vocabulary can be roughly divided into three period, the Old English period, Middle English period and early Modern English period. Through time, foreign languages like Latin, French and Greek invaded English settled down and was absorbed. During the Old English period, Anglo-Saxons came to England conquered Celtics. Thus their language became the foundation of old English which had approximately fifty to sixty thousand vocabulary. At that time, Latin loaned quite a few words to English due to King Alfred’s devotion the religion. Words like abbot, altar, disciple, candle, hym, martye, nun, priest, pope, shrine, temple are still used in nowadays. In next period, the Middle English period, French took the domination of English since the Norman Conquest. French became the official language in politics, economy, and culture. English was only allowed at home church and small conventions. Thus large amount of French words poured into English thorough the whole society with all
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