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Force of Evil It seems difficult enough for Joe Morse to defend a client whom is a powerful gangster but it’s even more surprising when the lawyer joins hands and becomes partners with him. When a lawyer who is familiar with law crosses that ethical line with his gangster client, Ben Tucker then trouble is ahead. The two got a scheme to shut down all the illegal banks in the city, and buy up the ones they want. Joe has an older brother, Leo, a man with heart trouble; Knowing that Leo, an essentially honest man in a dishonest business, will resist joining the syndicate, Joe goes to visit his brother but Leo denounces the proposed alliance with Tucker, then excoriates his brother's lack of principles and reminds him of the sacrifices that he has made to put him through law school. The trouble is, Leo is happy with his small, if not quite ethical, business. Leo joins them on the schemes even though he will be the flaw in their operations. A series of police raids are conducted by Joe and everything seems to be going as planned until a twist appears in the story where a rival mob headed by Tucker’s old partner Fico begins pressuring Leo and ruin the plans. Fico’s gang is more aggressive and shoots first to get whatever they want, Joe wants his brother out because things are getting to dangerous. All this happening and Joe is still romantically involved with Leo’s employee who is too sweet of women for Joe. Phones are being tapped by state investigators and it’s becoming more risky for Joe to participate in all this as well. The resolution of the film is dramatic, poetic and anticipated in any crime film of that era. The director Abraham Polonsky does a good job with his visualization and the screenplay by Ira Wolfert fit well with this suspenseful drama. The film was made during the noir golden years where most films shared common genre of crime and

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