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Floating Lives Now we can say “Life is Beautiful”. When we, a band of 8 undergrad students, went to a field trip to work with a specific community, we got to invent a new meaning of life. We, always think, the grass is always green on the other side, but no, we are on the greener side, not “Them”. This “Them” we are talking about are the “Snake Charmers”. We selected a community which is quite neglected from our so called “civilized society”. We chose to work on the snake charmers life. We went to the biggest community of snake charmers. Destination-Porabari Village The name of the place was Porabari of Bhatpara, which is situated on the bank of Bonshai or Bongshi River that is 3 Kilometers away from Savar Bus Stand. We, 8 group mates, started our journey on 27th June, very early in the morning, knowing nothing what surprise was kept in our fate! Lives without Identity Porabari, a village is around 2 kilometers with almost 3,000 people, who are living their bread and butter depending on the one of the most dangerous species on the planet “snakes” .These people are living very measurable, low profiles, poverty stricken life. They are neglected by us-the society and by the government as well. They don’t have their rights to vote or to live a normal life. In that huge village, there is no educational institution, no medical care, no police station, no banks, nothing! They had no voter id card. They were like some people without any “identity”! Past, Present and Future This village was built about 50-60 years ago. Snake charmers from all over the country came here by boats. Their lives are floating. They come and go, they live and they die, hardly anyone cares! In past, they were in little peace, because the snake charming business was pretty good to live their lives. But, at present they are in great pain. For the strictness of Governments’ law against

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