Fish Parasites Essay

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Fishes are one of the most abundant resources in our country. They are high-protein, low-fat food that provides a range of health benefits which makes them an important and vital part of our healthy diet. As the human population inevitably increases, the demand for fish as source of protein also grows since they directly serve as substitute for beef, pork, and other animal protein. They also provide some vitamins, minerals, and many other essential nutrients suited for human nutritional requirements. In recent times, there has been tremendous increase in the development of fish farming and culture attributable to the increased need for affordable animal protein. But in spite of increasing demands on fishes, most people do not focus so much attention on fish health situation like other livestock animals. Every animal species is subject to diseases caused by various types of organisms like viruses, rickettsias, bacteria, protozoans, arthropods, and parasitic worms. These disease-causing organisms themselves must be considered as population that infects suitable host species. As a matter of fact, Storer, Stebbins, Usinger, and Nybakken (1979), further state that a substantial percentage of the world’s population is permanently debilitated to some degree by parasitic diseases. Fish, like any other animals, is also prone to parasitism. In 1985, Kataba pointed out the numerous types of parasites abound Philippine culinary arts. Since helminth parasites are common among Philippine fishes, it is necessary to know what particular organs of the fish where these parasites mostly occur. Most of these parasites would definitely cause malady to us because of the infectious disease they may cause. Noble (1985) also stated, fishes can be a good host for parasite multiplication which can be acquired by animals and humans through ingestion of raw or inadequately

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