Film Review Venus

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Peter O’Toole received an Academy Award nomination for his role in the film Venus (2006). The film somewhat controversially deals with the relationship between ageing actor Maurice and a young woman who works as his helper. Critically discuss the representation of intergenerational relationships within the film AND popular responses to the film. [MY TITLE] The screenplay ‘Venus’ (2006) sparked controversy over the lustful relationship between Maurice (Peter O’Toole), an elderly actor, and Jessie (Jodie Whittaker), a young woman who provides care for her great-uncle, and Maurice’s best friend, Ian (Leslie Philips). The film provoked mixed responses with many reviews focussing on the relationship between Jessie and Maurice as being inappropriate and cringes worthy. With the rapid decline of intergenerational relationships across the Western World, this article argues the importance of mixing with those from other generations and uses ‘Venus’ as a case study to support this. The article urges viewers to look beyond the lustful relationship between the two characters and focus on the mutually dependant friendship and support provided to each other. Increased segregation of different age groups in modern society has lead to many people sharing friendships primarily with people of their own age. Indeed, friendships between people of different generations are becoming less and less widespread (Vanderbeck 2007). This essay will firstly explain the reasons for the lack of intergenerational relationships in the modern day. Using the intergenerational relationships portrayed in ‘Venus,’ it will then argue the importance and benefits of such relationships for both the old and the young person involved, as well as society as a whole. The second part of the essay will critically consider popular responses to the film and the interpretations of intergenerational
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