Review Of The Play 'Cosi' By Louis Nowra

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It is only the inmates who benefit from the production ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ The compelling novel ‘Cosi’ by playwright Louis Nowra is a play-within-a-play, set in the 1970’s in Melbourne during the period of the Vietnam War. The novel explores the journey that Lewis Riley, the protagonist, embarks on, as he sets foot in a mental asylum as director for the Opera ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’, uncertain of where his journey will lead him. As we discover it is not only the inmates of the mental institution who benefit from the production, but in fact the doubtful Lewis is the one who unintentionally learns the most from ‘Cosi Fan Tutte’ in a diverse range of ways. Lewis being an ‘outsider; and is ultimatley the one with the power and ability to influence the…show more content…
It is seen when Lewis is introduced, his views on love are very similar to that of his girlfriend Lucy and best friend Nick. He does not hold much value on fidelity due to the importance of the Vietnam War in his life. Lewis expresses to the patients that “love is not so important nowadays.” It is through the play itself, “Cosi Fan Tutte: Women are like that”, a play about “test[ing]..girls fidelity”, that Lewis reevaluates his opinions and values and learns to form his own. Lewis changes to having a more traditional view on romance and is able to accept that it is important in relationships. This change in Lewis is apparent when he describes the opera as being about “important things, like love and fidelity” and when he reacts genuinely hurt to when he discovers that his girlfriend Lucy has been having sex with Nick. Ultimately Lewis ends his relationship with Lucy because of their conflicting principles. In addition, Lewis also benefits from the production through his partnership with the mentally ill as he is able to understand what the “insane” people are really like. Before Lewis held very stereotypical views of the ill and feared that one of them might “forget to take their medication and go berserk.” Lewis’ stage directions were spoken with “hesitation” , showing a lack in confidence, but through the progression of “Cosi Fan Tutte” Lewis forms…show more content…
But along with Lewis, each of the inmates gain from the production, through learning about the out outside world, that they would not have benefitted from if it was not for the play ‘Cosi Fan

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