Fetal Pig Lab 2012 Essay

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Purpose To dissect a fetal pig and examine the structures and arrangements of the digestive, respiratory and circulatory system. Discussion 1 a) dorsal and ventral dorsal is the backside and towards the back ventral is belly side or towards the belly b) proximal and distal proximal is away from extremities, towards the body distal is away fro the body toward extremities c) medial and lateral medial refers to the middle lateral refers to the side. d) posterior and anterior posterior refers to the tail end or towards the tail anterior refers to the head or head end. 2. i) the first incision will be from umbilical cord towards the head the second incision will be from the anterior side of the umbilical cord down each side of the umbilical cord towards tail end. the third incision is a cut from the base of the neck to the shoulders the fourth incision will be from the base of the abdomen towards the hind leg the fifth incision will be a bit before the umbilical cord across the abdomen. the sixth incision will be along the jaw line on either side. 3. The fetal pig is used as an aid in studying the human body because the organ systems and internal organs are very similar to those of a human. 4. Three safety rules that should be followed during a lab are: cut gently keep safety glasses and apron on no goofing around and talk quietly Analysis Part A: a) How long was your pig? What age was your pig? The pig was 45 cm and was 55 days old. b) What is the function of the umbilical cord? The function of the umbilical cord is to feed/supply nutrients to the baby while it is still in the womb. c) What is the sex of your pig? Explain how you know. The sex of the pig was male because it doe not have the genital papilla or the urogential opening that is in the female pig. Part C: d)What is the function

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