Heart Dissection Lab Report

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Year 10 Pre-Diploma Biology Heart Dissection Introduction This lab practical allows you to identify and compare the size, shape and tissue type of the major chambers and vessels of the heart. The goal of the lab is not just to observe anatomy, but to associate structure with function. The heart is a pump for blood that comes into the right atrium, goes out to the lungs through the right ventricle, returns through the left atrium, and leaves again through the left ventricle - a double circulation. Each chamber is separated by valves that prevent the backflow of blood. Try and figure out where the various components are, how each works, especially how the shape, composition, and even texture of each part contribute to its function.…show more content…
2. Insert a glass rod into the pulmonary artery and see it come through to the right ventricle. Make an incision down through this artery and look inside it for three small membranous pockets. These form the pulmonary semi-lunar valves which prevent blood from flowing back into the right ventricle. 3. Insert your dissecting scissors or scalpel into the left auricle at the base of the aorta and make an incision down through the wall of the left atrium and ventricle, as shown by the dotted line in the external heart picture. Locate the mitral valve (or bicuspid valve) between the left atrium and ventricle. This will have two flaps of membrane connected to papillary muscles by tendons. Make observations and measurements of as many structures as you can, filling in your results table. 4. Insert a glass rod into the aorta and observe where it connects to the left ventricle. Make an incision up through the aorta and examine the inside carefully for three small membranous pockets. These form the aortic semi-lunar valve which prevents blood from flowing back into the left…show more content…
Not muscular at all. | |Large (Tricuspid) | | | | |valve | | |Prevent the blood going back into the atrium. They are hold by tendons to stop | | | | |them. | |Right Ventricle | | | | | | | |Pump blood, it only pump blood from the pulmonary artery to the lungs. | |Semi-lunar valves | | | | |Pulmonary Artery | | |

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