Fear of Failure

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Tomas Choi Mrs. Waller English 9h. Per. 1 8/29/13 Fear of Failure – Is It Worth It? “Choosing to be governed by the fear of failure has definite payoffs” (LeBoeuf). Many people will agree that choosing this path has its benefits. They can simply scratch a meaningful goal right of their list and decide it is impossible rather than trying to pursue it. They can spend their time mocking all the others who “failed” but still tried. But are these people following the right paths? Do they even know what the term “failure” really refers to? In the article Fear of Failure, Michael LeBoeuf clearly defines the term “failure”, explains the drawbacks and potential benefits of deciding to let a fear of failure be their guide, and even provides advice to help those people overcome immobilization due to fear of failure. Firstly, and most importantly, what really is failure? As LeBoeuf explains, there really is no such thing as failure. “‘Failure’ is merely an opinion that a given act wasn’t done satisfactorily. As a natural phenomenon, it doesn’t exist” (LeBoeuf). Failure is only a type of perception! If people believe they have failed, then they have. If they believe they can't be successful, they can’t. Failure only exists in people's minds, and it is born the moment they decide to give up and stop working toward their goals. Yet, LeBoeuf agrees that although fear of failure should be avoided, there are some benefits people can gain from choosing to let fear of failure rule their lives. As stated in Fear of Failure, “Being ruled by a fear of failure lets you take the easy way out...Reacting to a fear a failure also provides a false sense of safety and security.” People can easily scratch a difficult task off their list and tell themselves that the goal is impossible, rather than trying to accept the challenge of reaching that goal. Also, by not trying, they give

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