Why Do Women Return To Their Cheating Partners?

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Why do women return to their cheating partners? Many people, women in particular return to their partners who would constantly cheat on them and show disrespect their relationship. From an outsider’s point of view, it is the most irrational decision a woman would make, but why would these people come back again to their partners who clearly disrespected their bond and would most likely do it again? Reasons may vary from total love and devotion or the hope that the cheater will change, but the most crucial is monophobia, the fear of being alone. Firstly, when someone is totally devoted to their love interest it may be hard to turn a conscious eye to their imperfections and faults. She will be under the desired illusion that he is loyal, that he love her and would dismiss slightest suspicion of cheating. Idolizing their partner in their minds for long time would lead to a major breakdown when the veil of deception is lifted thus thought of being cheated on is too heavy and the reduction of self-esteem will cause the woman to be in large circle of uncertainty about her own personage. Furthermore, by returning to her abusive partner she is trying to prove to herself that she is able to keep them and resurrect their old bond, but mostly trying to resurrect her own self-assurance that she is still worthy. Forgiveness can also be a reason to stay, some people have big hearts and are easy to forgive due to kindness but that does not mean they will necessarily forget, the old bond will never be the seem and asking about the partners whereabouts will no longer be a matter of manners only but to assure herself. In addition to this blind devotion, deep denial can create a desperate hope that the cheater will change. An awfully a lot has been invested in the cheater and the betrayed might think it’s too much to give up on and the best visible solution is forgiveness
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