Fear Conquers “Oedipus the King”

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March 11, 2013 Fear conquers “Oedipus the King” Everyone has had to face it at one point in his or her lives. Whether you sense it when you are over a hundred feet off the ground, or when a certain insect lands on your arm, everyone has had a familiarity with fear. Fear is like a double-edged sword, a little fear can be decent and upsurge blood flow and adrenaline, but too much fear can be constraining and cause terror. Fear can be understood in many methods. Webster’s dictionary portrays fear as, “a distressing emotion aroused by impending danger, evil, pain, etc., whether the threat is real or imagined; the feeling or condition of being afraid.” Fear may cease a person frozen in their pathway, or encounter them to exceed beyond the task and attack the situation. Likewise, fear may have enough power to control over the society. Typically, when society has a vast fear of an event or action, they most likely won’t perform that action due to the fact that fear has conquered a large portion of their brains. Since fear has most of the societies’ actions in its power, it is able to influence a majority of the society to withdraw and build up mental walls around themselves. In the classical Greek tragedy, “Oedipus the King,” the audience undergoes fear at many times throughout the play. The main characters, Oedipus and Jocosta, are forced to face their fear and perform actions that may not please them at the moment. In “Oedipus the King” fear has become a massive social issue in order to keep the society sane. For instance, throughout the novel “Oedipus the King,” there were many times when fear was presented and the affect of it on the society created many consequences for the kingdom. " Fear? What should a man fear? It’s all chance, chance rules our lives. Not a man on earth can see a day ahead, groping through the dark. Better to live at random, best we can. And as

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