Family Nursing Diagnosis

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Family DIagnosis Anissa Spada NUR/405 October 4, 2012 The following table below will describe the three nursing diagnosis chosen for family F. The table will describe the interventions, healthy people 2020 indicators as well as a education tool to use with the family. Nursing Diagnoses |Healthy People 2020 |interventions |Education | |At risk for insufficient caloric intake among family F as evidenced by poor meal planning and diet consists of frozen foods |NSW-14 Increase the amount of fruits and vegetable intake of persons 2 years and older. NWS-15 Increase the amount of dark green vegetables, orange vegetables and legumes to the diet |keep a food diary plan a menu for a week. read food labels when in the store |provide the food pyramid to have handy in the kitchen. | |at risk for exposure to second hand smoke among family F secondary to dad smoking 5 cigarettes a day. |TU-1 increase smoking cessation attempts in adults TU-11 Decrease the amount of secondhand smoke exposure. |quit smoking to live a healthy life ( Talk to children about tobacco use ( |circle a reasonable attainable stop date and circle on the calendar. make small changes throw away ashtrays in the home and in the car. | |at risk for ineffective parenting among family F secondary to absence of spouse while traveling for work. |AH-3 increase the number of adolescents who are connected in a positive way to parent or adult caregiver. AH-3.1 increase the amount of adolescents who can talk to parents about a serious problem. AH-3.2 Increase the amount of adolescents whom have a parent attend a extra after school activity, |person to person based intervention to reduce adolescents risk by improving parenting skills ( Talk to your adolescent about

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