Family Guy & Freud

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Comedy or Subliminal Messages Often times in comedic television subliminal messages underlie the punch lines. Television shows such as Family Guy feed unintentional messages into the subconscious that can unknowingly, shape and mold one’s views on a variety of topics. Anyone who has ever seen an episode of Family Guy can attest to the offensiveness, weirdness and extreme bluntness of the show. Nevertheless, those that are offended by the show usually do not see how it transforms real life situations into ones that Americans can humor themselves with. One article in particular, Antonia Peacocke’s, Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and Their Relation to the Unconscious, speaks upon the overt offensiveness within the show. She was offended by Family Guy when she first saw it; she was stubbornly opposed to the television show. Still, once she gave it a chance, she began to see that Family Guy’s purpose had a deeper meaning and it was not to insult the viewer, but to educate them about the social structure of the country that we as American’s live in. She explains how the T.V show Family Guy has affected her life in a dramatic way. By far Ms. Peacocke had me on the edge of my bed reading about her analysis of Family Guy taking her time out to explain the show in real life situations and using it in everyday life was tremendous. She is very persuasive throughout the article she comes strong with concrete examples from the show, exploiting every aspect. Peacocke uses her analysis skills to show specific examples of how Family Guy intelligently mocks modern American society and she causes the reader to question their ethics, emotions, and sometimes even their motives. Following this further, we see that Peacocke explains her perspective with different concepts; she expresses a good amount of different rhetorical appeals in this article. One of her first comes from an episode

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