Expository Essay On 'Of Mice And Men'

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Of Mice and Men-Expository Essay Throughout the course of the novella, “Of Mice and Men” composed by John Steinbeck it is apparent that there are certain characters with social disability. In our modern day society discrimination is a common aspect of people’s lives and has a major affect on the way they are perceived. It is apparent that the same discrimination occurred in the 1930’s in which the novella was set. Some of the factors causing exclusion may be the colour of their skin such as Crooks, or even being overly big like Lennie. These characters struggle to gain acceptance in the community and become outcasts in which they are forced to live alone. Crooks in a middle aged ex-stable buck who damaged his spine during work, this resulted in his “nick name”. He is also African American which automatically diminishes all rights and brings the threat of a public lynching. “Nigger, I could get you stung up on a tree so easy it ain’t even funny” was yelled by Curley’s wife. This point is further demonstrated by the hatred given off…show more content…
George, a family friend had promised their Aunty Clara to take care of Lennie which had proved to be an enormous job due to the fact that they had been exiled from Weed and would have been exiled again for Lennie’s improper behaviour. From the moment the pair had arrived at the ranch, Lennie had been discriminated against because of his large status. As they were getting to know the people around, Curly had come and sized up Lennie preparing to fight. Lennie was afraid and unaware of the peril he was in but George had come to the rescue, preventing the fight for the time being. Curly preyed on Lennie’s fear and attempted to harm him even though he had done nothing wrong. This is a prime example of the discrimination and explains the hardship felt when trying to find

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