Explosion And Bombing Scene Investigation Essay

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Revision of Explosion and Bomb Investigation Handbook: A Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation CRM 342: Evidence Collection and Preservation Professor Sammie Taylor October 7, 2012 By: Richard Harris, Miranda Brown, Justin Blue In June 2000, the National Institute of Justice released a Guide “produced with the dedicated and enthusiastic participation of the seasoned professionals who served on the Technical Working Group for Bomb Scene Investigation”, according to Janet Reno the attorney general at that time. The Guide, titled A Guide for Explosion and Bombing Scene Investigation, discusses standard operating procedures (SOP) in seven sections to support law enforce departments faced with these criminal acts. It touches on prioritizing initial response efforts in not great detail or explanation for a first responding officer. The role of a first responder on any explosion…show more content…
This step is important to the sequence of events, but should not be addressed initially. The role of the first officer on the scene has tremendous changed since the 9/11 attack. First responders are now required to assess the scene for secondary devices, any signs of a terrorist attacks, and Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD). Since the release of this Guide the threat of terrorist attacks, meth lab locations, and homemade explosions have risen over 50%. An initial responder’s first priority is to be on the alert for secondary devices as they walk the grounds of the crime scene and protecting themselves with the highest level of personnel protective equipment (PPE) available. Law enforcement officer must resist the urge to rescue victims and should be made aware that the modous operandi (MO) of most bomber-arsonist include using secondary explosive devices specifically targeted for first responder personnel who will be responding to the

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