Explore the Ways in Which Priestly Makes This Such a Dramatic and Significant Moment in the Play?

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02-12-2013 English Essay – Mrs White Explore the ways in which Priestly makes this such a dramatic and significant moment in the play? In this extract Priestly conveys major aspects of old versus young (new generation), social hierarchy, character reactions and their opinions and attitudes to dramatize this passage in the play. The characters are very slightly similar in attitude towards the death of Eva Smith after the Inspector leaves and Gerald returns. W the Inspector is revealed to be an imposter and the whole murder case a hoax, the adult characters suddenly regain their snob-like selves as shown in the beginning of the play. However, there is a an obvious counteract shown by the younger generation, as they realize that their actions towards the girl/s were wrong. At the end of the extract Priestly creates drama, through the aspect of old versus young, when Sheila releases her feeling for the girl and her disgust for her parents, criticising their way of interpreting these events but soon cut down by her parents: “(Bitterly) I suppose we’re all nice people now.” Sheila believes that what they did to that girl was cruel and realizes it whereas her parents and Gerald do not. Sheila throughout the play has gained more influence and power as she contributed and fought for what she though was right (verbally to the other characters). To emphasise the drama and significance in this extract, Priestly shows her stand up to her parents, this is shown through the stage directions of her “bitterly” questioning her father, mother and Gerald. From the beginning of the play Sheila has always described and presented to be different from the others. “You’re squiffy” is an example where she steps out of the boundaries of society, and is then partially insulted when Sybil says “really the things you girls pick up these days!” Priestly makes the scene or significant as

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