Explain The Employee's Responsibilities Regarding The Use Of Ppe

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For the protection of service user and the carer. It is important that it used correctly to prevent the risk of infection and cross infection. PPE is a barrier between the carer and other surfaces therefore giving protection to both the carer and service user. 4. State current regulation and legislation to PPE Answer There are legal duties and responsibilities of the employer under the health and Safety at Work Act 1974 to supply all PPE that is needed for employees when carrying out their work. There are specific regulations which address PPE they are: The person protective equipment at work regulation 2002 The management of health and safety at work act 1999 Control of substances hazardous to health regulation 2002 (COSHH) 5, Describe employee’s responsibilities regarding the use of PPE Answer It is the responsibility of the employee to attend all training for prevention and control of infection,…show more content…
3. Describe the correct sequence for hand washing. Answer Wet hands with warm/hot water, apply a good amount of soap to get good lather up, rub hands palm to palm, rub back of each hand interlacing fingers, rub palm to palm interlacing fingers, cup fingers and link rubbing back of fingers with the palm, rub thumbs using a circular movement, rub tips of fingers into palm using circular movement, rub each wrist, rinse hands well with warm/hot water, dry hands thoroughly with single use towels. 4. Explain when and why hand washing should be carried

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