Explain The Agreed Ways Of Working With The Employer

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TERMS AND CONDITIONS OF OWN CONTRACT OF EMPLOYMENT 1. Work your agreed contracted hours 2. Must be willing to cover shifts when help is needed 3. Have the right to change your availability when needed but have to wait a minimum of 6 weeks to take place unless an emergency 4. On bank holidays (Christmas, New years, ect) to still work your availability at all times PROCEDURES TO FOLLOW IN EVENT OF A GRIEVANCE The procedure for dealing with all personal grievances, claims and disputes applies to all employees. The term grievance as it appears in the written contract refers to a formal complaint by people who believe that they have been wronged by a management decision. Grievance procedures are intended to allow companies…show more content…
Here are some examples for you: * Moving and positioning – there should always be 2 carers when using a hoist * When the fire alarm sounds you need to know where all the designated points are and assemble there Agreed ways of working is set out how your employer requires you to work. They are there to benefit and protect you in every way and also the individuals you support and your employer. They enable you to provide a good quality service working within the legal framework and most importantly aim to keep you and the individuals you support, safe from any danger or harm that may happen. Policies and procedures are essential pieces of information that will support you in your role and will enable you to work professionally and safely. You do not need to know every policy from word to word but you need an understanding of that they are there so that you can refer to them at any time when you need

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