Explain How Far the Views in Source B Differ to Those in Source in Relation to Lloyd George’s Motives for Introducing the 1909 Budget.

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Both source A and B give a representation of a differing view as to why the 1909 budget was introduced by Lloyd George. Source A is an extract from a speech made in 1909 by Lloyd George himself, whereas source B is an extract from a book written in 1988, 87 years later. Straight away, this allows us to deduce the different views, due to the dramatically different time periods in which the sources were created. Source A is a primary source, being made at the time of the issue of discussion, so this would allow the sources maker, in this case Lloyd George, to give an accurate representation of the introduction of the reforms effect to general British society during the 20th century. Source B is a secondary source, looking back from the perspective of a historian, onto previous events. This would make the source a less reliable representation, as the source maker was not actually present during the event, so is having to rely on already present evidence to construct his own arguments. The time difference would also effect the viewpoints put forward as to the reasons for Lloyd Georges introduction of the budget. Lloyd Georges speech, given at the time the budget was being evaluated by the House of Lords, would be used as a direct method of political propaganda, attempting to appeal to the masses to maintain political power for the Liberal party. However, source A suggests that’s the reasons Lloyd George introduced the budget was not for private, self-gratified reasons, but for the benefit of the majority of the British state. Lloyd Georges attempt to take on the labour party, by introducing the Reforms to draw the public’s support away from the newly formed, worker-supporting Labour party, and back to the grasp of the Liberal party, to maintain political dominance, was yet a further reason the reforms were introduced. However, this was not a direct attack on the
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