To What Extent Have the Conservative Party Adopted One Nation Policies in Government?

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To what extent have the Conservative Party adopted One Nation policies in government? One nation conservatism refers to the left of the right wing of conservative party, one nation conservatism is a catch all party, this means in relation to the conservative party they have moved further towards the left in order to appeal to a greater percent of the voting public. One nation conservatism is pro trade unions has a paternalistic view of that state this means the richer people act much like a father figure towards the poorer people in society, this type of conservatism is more related with the Labour party and were particularly strong after 1945. Another form of Conservatism is named Thatcherism after the late Margaret Thatcher, Thatcherism is associated with the further right of the conservative party, were they believe in rolling back the state, a free market economy, privatisation including British Gas, BP and British Telecoms, Thatchers aims as she tackled the depression were not to “ reverse economic decline but to boost Britain’s stature in the world” Thatcher and Thatcherism were extremely patriotic, and based the moral principles around “faith, family and flag”. I believe that the Conservative party under Cameron haven't adopted many One Nation policies for these reasons; On terms of economic and the deficit the Conservative party seem more right hinting at the thatcher heyday. David Cameron is clearly in favour of rolling back the state, which is also a major point of Thatcherism. A key point is how Cameron feels about education, he favours privatisation of education and has introduced Free Schools and Finally how the Tory's have in reforming the taxation system have rejected some one nation policies. However it could be argued that the Tory party not cutting the NHS fund and International aid funds is adopting one nation policies. In terms of
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