Explain How Far Kenilworth Castle Fits in the Overall Development of Castles Essay

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Explain how far Kenilworth Castle fits in the overall development of castles 1066 was the time when motte and bailey castles first started to appear in England which provided good defence bases for the Normans. The Normans built motte and bailey castles because they were foreign invaders and so needed protection from the Anglo Saxons as quickly as possible and motte and bailey castles were very easy and quick to build. Once William had firmly established his rule in England, he built huge stone keeps which were stronger and more durable than motte and bailey. By the time of Edward I, concentric castles were being built because it was the time of peace in England so they had more time to build larger castles. Over the centuries the purpose of castles changed therefore different features were added to castles to suit their purpose. Kenilworth castle is a exceptional example of a castle as it has features of a concentric castle as wells as a motte and bailey. However, Kenilworth does not always fit in with the overall development of castles because it started as a stone keep and not a motte and bailey because it was built at a later time period when motte and baileys were not needed anymore and normally they were developed motte and baileys into stone keep but this was not the way with Kenilworth. Motte and baileys were the first ever design of a castle therefore had a number of weaknesses, however the Normans still built them around England because they were made out of wood and as England was mainly forest land, the resources were already there. This also means that they were cheap and it only took less than a week to build a motte and bailey castle. As well as that, motte and bailey castles could be made portable which means the Normans could transport a castle from Normandy to England. This was very useful because they already had a starting point and had some

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