Bayeaux tapestry Essay

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This is an image of the Bayeux Tapestry that was on the website The Bayeaux Tapestry is one of the most important primary soucrces for the battle of hastings in 1066. This is just a small section from the Bayeux tapestry and it is actually 70 metres long with hundreds of images.. It is extremely valuable as a source as it depicts the battle of the hastings in the point of view olf the victors. It is still on display in Bayeux in France and is still an excellent way to understand the norman invasion of England. It would have been e In the eleventh century and onwards it would have been extremely useful to an illiterate population. The majority of the medieval population could not read so the tapestry would have made it easier for them tos ee the events of the norman invasion and the battle of hastings. The bayeaupestry is said to have been commissioned in the 1070’s by Bishop Odo of Bayeux. He was William the conquerors half-brother so there is a possibilyt that the tapestry is biased. LIMIT It was and still is of huge value tday. There are some limits to the tapestry of Bayeux. The first is that no one is sure when it was made. The earliest record of the Bayeux Tapestry is in 1476.The closer it was made to the actual battle of the hastings the more likely htat it would have been more accurate. Another limit of it is the involvment of William the conquerors half brohter ODO bishop of bayeaux. This is thought because he is very prominent in events leading up to the battle of hasting. This is probably over emphasised and a historian must keep that in mind when looking at the Bayeux tapestry. Another reason that the Bayeux tapestry would be extremely biased is that it is a Norman document. It is written by the victors of the Battle of Hastings and no doubt depicts them in a much better light and from the Norman perspective. This can
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