Examples Of Guilt In Macbeth

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Macbeth Kalinda Scheef Guilt Guilt fuels William Shakespeare’s play Macbeth, as an underlying theme though the later part of the play. This is most prominent in two main characters, Macbeth and Lady Macbeth. Macbeth is an ambitious man with an implacably determined wife. Lady Macbeth wishes for nothing more than her husband to be King. The characters determination for power causes them to carry out immoral acts. These actions play on the minds of the main characters as their guilty consciences torture them into madness. The text first shows that Macbeth is feeling guilty about desiring to kill Duncan in Act 1 scene 4, when Macbeth says, “Stars hide your fires! Let not light see my black and deep desires.” This shows that he wants no one and nothing to see what he is plotting, affirming that Macbeth understands, unlike his wife, the wrong in contemplating murdering Duncan.…show more content…
He says, “I am afraid to think what I have done; Look on't again I dare not.” This shows the regret and guilt that Macbeth has because of the people that were killed to make way for him to become king. He had originally thought that if he pushed though the initial problems that he had with his malfeasance, the reward of being the most powerful man in Scotland would outweigh other issues. In this scene he acknowledges that he was mistaken. Macbeth makes his most pronounced speech on his guilty conscience in Act 3 scene 4. Macbeth says “I am in blood Stepp'd in so far, that, should I wade no more, returning were as tedious as go o'er.” This is showing the audience how murder, blood and guilt are now embedded in Macbeth’s mind. The passage addresses Macbeth’s guilt as though he is drowning in the darkness that his antagonised conscience has thrown him

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