Every Crime Needs an Investigator

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Strategies for Success | Every Crime needs an Investigator | Becoming a Criminal Investigator | Shanice Moul 9/19/2013 | Shanice Moul Criminal Investigations Career Essay 9/10/13 A scream is heard in the distance, and then came the gun shot. Arriving to the scene, there is a job that is needed to be done. With police on the scene they look for the extra needed help to figure out who killed the victim. In order to solve a crime like this, or any other crime, law enforcements might turn to investigators to help them out. Ever since I was a little girl, the thought of solving crimes has always intrigued me. Having a career where I could “solve mysteries” and make a difference is what I knew I wanted to do. Criminal investigation is an interesting career that involves many tasks, educational and training expectations, good salary, a good potential growth, and certain personalities. When arriving to a crime scene, there are certain tasks that need to be accomplished, in order to get the job done and try and figure out what happened. You need to examine the scene by gathering evidence in different ways that can help you determine the criminal. A criminal investigator has to be able to handle different equipment that the job may entail, to complete such tasks that allow you to investigate the given crime. (feinc.net, 2013) They must be able to collect evidence like fingerprints, using the given equipment that is given to the investigator; then take the fingerprints and compare them to other fingerprints, either of the suspect or on the computer database that has many fingerprints on file. (eLearningPortal.com, 2013) The job of the Criminal investigator is important in figuring out who, what, when, and where in a criminal act. In becoming a criminal investigator, there are certain expectations that are expected for you to obtain such a title. In

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