H.H. Holmes Short Paper

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H.H. Holmes H.H. Holmes, America’s first serial-killer, displays of brutal mutilation, suffocation, or burning people alive over his lifetime created fear throughout the entire U.S. because nothing of this caliber ever happened before. Fear raced through the minds of everyone all over the United States because no knew if there were more people like H.H. Holmes out there in the world. The H.H. Holmes case helped ease some of that fear because the case became a turning point in criminal investigations because the ramifications of what happened with the serial-killing showed what is to come in the modern age both negatively and positively. The positives that come from the horrible account of H.H. Holmes murder spree include the use of journalism, identification records, and the concept of finger marking as a way to identify the criminal. The use of journalism became a positive development because the creation of a physical picture allowed people to know what the criminal, that the police are looking for, looked like. It helped out the investigation process of being able to find criminals. This concept has become widely effective in the modern age because of the combination of social media to track down criminals because now the general public can be aware of what crime the criminal has committed and be on the lookout for him or her. The next advancement was identifications records such as a driver’s license or a personal identification card. Thousands of people disappeared by the end of the World Fair in Chicago. Those missing people’s family were only aware that they went to the fair, but never knew that, when those missing people left their homes, would be the last time the family would be seeing them. With everyone now having their own personal identification card in the modern age, the likelihood of not being able to track a person’s where a bouts is unlikely.
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