Euthypro Dilemma Essay

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Euthyphro Dilemma According to our understanding dilemma is a difficult situation, which leads to confusion, when two or more options are available as choices in front of us and we are forced to choose any one of them which again leads to an even more confusing state of mind. The Euthyphro dilemma is a dialogue written by Plato, the great philosopher of Greece, on the basis of the theory, originated by Socrates. “The Euthyphro is manifestly designed to contrast the real nature of piety and impiety with the popular conceptions of them” (Plato, 2008). According to this theory, Socrates told ‘Euthyphro’, a truth-seeker that which one of the statements should be followed in order to find the truth. Then he presented two set of statements as under:- 1. The pious are loved by God because they are pious. 2. They are pious because they are loved by God. These dialogues have a philosophical effect as because it makes us stand even today in front of a burning issue which leads us nowhere. It is quite difficult to get an appropriate answer of this dilemma. There are two horns of this dilemma. According to the first dialogue, since something is right therefore God has considered it pious. The second horn says that since God is on the side of something therefore it is considered to be right or pious. Now, Socrates and Euthyphro was follower of the first horn of dilemma. They both thought that since something is pious therefore God loves it. It is evident from the statement, “Socrates proposes to amend the definition, and say that 'what all the gods love is pious, and what they all hate is impious.' To this Euthyphro agrees” (Plato, 2008). The first horn of dilemma suggests that if something is pious then God also supports it. It seems to be quite logical as this theory proves that God is there with them who deserve His affection. That makes the existence of God more
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