Euthyphro Revealed Essay

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Euthyphro Revealed One must remember when this story is being told. During the B.C. era, murder was just another act that happened regularly. This all takes place at a time in the world’s history where barbarity was still part of society. The only difference between the era of Socrates and today’s society is the acceptance of these crimes differed. When Euthyphros father killed his servant, his reason simply followed the “eye for eye” rule; he deserved death for bringing upon death to another. To him, throwing his servant into a ditch was plausible because since he already murdered someone it would be of no great harm. To live a holy life is almost impossible, unless you’re a God. As a human trying to be as pious as possible, you must have a devotion to god and family. When Socrates is informed that Euthyphro is prosecuting his own father he is shocked beyond belief. “Your father! Good heavens, you don’t mean that”(9). Euthyphro responds by insisting that holiness is what is approved or loved by the Gods; where impiety is whatever is disapproved of by the Gods. However, as Socrates points out, the question poses a dilemma for those who believe in certain Gods. “And what is loved by the gods appears also to be hated by them”(13). In essence, each person along with each God has their own belief. This results in people believing in a certain God and only that God, for the other Gods don’t appeal real to them. The outcome of being loved is caused by someone loving it. If there are multiple Gods, which ones are truly real? “And do you not see what is loved of the Gods is the holy and this is the same as what is dear to them”(20).To Socrates, Gods are useless and only take fame for what good things happen, not the negatives. Primarily, the issue faced by Euthyphro is that certain actions and beliefs are good simply because God favor’s them. It seems that the line

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