European Mink Legislation Essay

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LO1 Discuss the fundamentals of conservation biology. LO2 Assess threats to biodiversity and priorities for conservation. LO3 Describe relevant agreements, legislation, policy and guidelines for the conservation of biodiversity. LO4 Discuss strategies for the conservation of biodiversity. Write a 1500 word report that addresses the following: For an endangered species/closely related group of species of your choice describe the National, European and International legislation available to conserve it/them. YOU MUST USE A DIFFERENT SPECIES TO THE ONE USED IN YOUR PRESENTATION. You should also provide some background context for the species and consideration of the future survival of your selected species. Your report should include relevant maps, diagrams and/or figures CONSERVATION LEGISLATION FOR ENDANGERED MUSTELIDS Mustela lutreola, European mink Species background, ecology, range, why endangered: The European mink, (mustela lutreola), is listed as endangered by the IUCN red list and the population trend is declining. Though the species is threatened, estimates put the current population decline in the last 15 years at a minimum of 50%. The factors contributing to this decline include, introduced species, habitat loss and pathogens. The species previous distribution covered most of Europe, however the current distribution is restricted to Eastern Europe in (Latvia, Estonia, Belarus, central regions of European Russia and the Danube delta in Romania). There are also populations left in northern Spain and western France, however the gene diversity in these areas is an issue as they remain very isolated from the main range in Eastern Europe. The European mink are riparian in their habitat requirements, meaning that they live around rivers and are

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