Essay On The Federalist Party

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The Federalist Party favored a strong central government and the wealthy class, while the Democratic - Republican Party believed this was the same ideas behind the corrupt British government. The supporters the Federalists accumulated only added to the republican’s suspicions of corruption. The two parties had different views on how to deal with conflicts; Federalists were in favor of keeping good relations with the British Empire, while Republicans were in support of keeping their promises to France. Federalists also supported a commercial society, while republicans support an agricultural one. The most influential leader of the federalist party could be argued as Alexander Hamilton, who had a brilliant mind when it came to U.S. economy. Hamilton’s plan for the economy was to get rid of the debt to gain credibility with other countries, he would achieve this by paying bond holders. The likes of James Madison and fellow republicans believed you should not pay the current bond holder but you should pay the original holder, due to the bonds being now held by wealthy citizens. New taxes were…show more content…
Making Americans have an ultimatum. 1794 the British empire began the seizure of American ships. Since the U.S. new economic plan relied heavily on tariffs from Britain it could not afford to go to war, for fear of losing income. However Britain would not seize the seizure of ships and would not vacate forts on American soil. In response to this, the U.S. sent John Jay to Britain to negotiate what is now known as “Jays Treaty.” The British and U.S. agreed upon compensation for loses due to the seizures of ships and the vacation of British forces from the forts. However the treaty was never followed through, nothing was accomplished. The republicans were extremely against this treaty, they believe that Britain would be the downfall of the U.S., they were in support of France, however federalists were in support of the
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