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The filmography I viewed was Ray, the life of Ray Charles Robinson an American musician known as Ray Charles (to avoid confusion with champion boxer Sugar Ray Robinson.) He was a pioneer in the genre of soul music during the 1950s. Rays musical curiosity was sparked at Mr. Wiley Pit's Red Wing Cafe when Pit played boogie woogie on an old upright piano. Ray Charles Robinson was the biological son of Aretha Robinson, a sharecropper, and Bailey Robinson, a railroad repair man, mechanic and handyman. The influence of Ray’s mother was apparent all of his life. She taught him to do things for himself even though he was handicap. She constantly reminded him that she would not always be there for them and he had to be able to stand on his own two…show more content…
He started playing for other people until he started his own band in 1949. All social factors surrounding Ray were not good. On November 14, 1961, Charles was arrested on a narcotics charge in an Indiana hotel room, where he waited to perform. The detectives seized heroin, marijuana,and other items. Charles, then 31, stated that he had been a drug addict since the age of 16. While the case was dismissed because of the manner in which the evidence was obtained, Charles's situation did not improve until a few years later. Individuals such as Quincy Jones and Reverend Henry Griffin felt that those around Charles were responsible for his drug use. By 1964 Charles' drug addiction caught up with him and he was arrested for possession of marijuana and heroin. Following a self-imposed stay at St. Francis Hospital in Lynwood, California, Charles received five years' probation. Charles responded to the saga of his drug use and reform with the songs "I Don't Need No Doctor", "Let's Go Get Stoned", and the release of his first album since having kicked his heroin addiction in 1966 Crying Times. It is easy to see the effects of Rays biological and social living in his music . The mere fact that Ray could combine gospel and jazz music together and do country made him able to cross cultures. His mothers religious influence stayed with him thru-out his

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