Essay On Ohio's Early American Settlers

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Ohio had many important early American settlers that made an impact on Ohio today. Many of Ohio’s early American settlers were involved in the government and land ownership. Some of these people include John Cleves Symmes, Governor Arthur St Clair, Thomas Worthington, Edward Tiffin, and Michael Baldwin. The most important person at that time was Edward Tiffin. Tiffin attended the Latin school in Carlisle, and became an apprentice to a student of medicine in 1778. Six years later he completed his apprenticeship. In 1789, he married Mary Worthington of Berkeley County, sister of future Governor of Ohio Thomas Worthington. She died, childless, in 1808. A year after their marriage, the Tiffin’s joined the Methodist church after hearing the preaching of Thomas Scott, who would be their neighbor and friend for many years. Bishop…show more content…
Senate in 1806 and resigned the governorship in March 1807 to take his seat. He served only two years, however, resigning after the death of his wife. "He was ever faithful to the interests of the West and diligent in seeking the welfare of its inhabitants. He procured an appropriation of public money for the improvement of the Ohio River. He secured better and speedier transportation of the mails; a better and more rapid system for the surveys of western lands; and urged such modifications of the laws regarding sales of western land as would, to use his own words, 'guard the purchasers of them from unnecessary embarrassments and frequent ruin.' "He also voted for the expulsion of the other Ohio Senator, John Smith, who had been implicated in the Burr Conspiracy. He spent only a few months at home, however, before being elected to the Ohio House of Representatives, where he served as speaker from 1809–11. Tiffin re-married April 16, 1809 to Mary Porter, originally from Delaware, and then of Ross County. Tiffin became the first commissioner of the General Land Office, which managed allocations of Federal
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