Essay On Nurse Readmissions

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Affect on Nurses
Readmission is costly, especially as proposed new guidelines could deny reimbursement for readmissions. (Robinson et al., 2012). Due these to Medicare reimbursement reductions, health care facilities are looking for ways to offset the decreased reimbursements.
Nursing staff have felt the affects
-mass lay-offs
-decreased pay and benefitsm
-increased patient load
-decreased support staff
-accountable to help prevent hospital readmissions/ increase quality measures

Affect on Nurses
Provisions in the ACA include increasing both the workforce numbers and providing support training of healthcare professions (Archer, 2012).Through theses provisions in the Reform Act there are increased opportunities in geriatric healthcare.
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-petition to legislators
-lobby congress

Several provisions of the 2010 healthcare law have already been implemented, yet many people are still not aware of them (ANA, 2014)
Nurses have an obligation to educate patients and communities on the benefits of the Healthcare Reform Act and how they can take advantage of them.
-how to navigate the healthcare system
-Medicare website Nursing home compare
-free preventative services
-how to find education resource centers

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