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Experiences of the Native American Sheila Barkwell Cultural Diversity 09/08/2013 Rich Urfer Experience of the Native American The Native American are an important part of American history. At one time Native Americans lived peacefully and were content and established with their lands. Then, there came a time when they were forced to fight to protect their lands. Many Native Americans were killed while others were forced off of their lands by U.S. laws that were passed by various United States Presidents. This paper will demonstrate the different challenges that the Native American had to endure throughout history, and often still do. When we think of slavery, we often think of only the African’s that were enslaved,…show more content…
Many wanted to see the Native American merge with the American mainstream. Currently there are 561 federally recognized tribal governments in the United States. Some of the political issues that Native Americans have focused on throughout history have been, keeping their legal status as tribes, maintaining tribal lands in common, and preserving elements of their cultures which they believe to be very important to their integrity as a people. These cultural elements include Native languages, music and dance, arts and religious practices according to…show more content…
This is the ability to have high stakes, casino gambling operations on reservations free from state tax and regulatory powers. (www.achademia.udu) Because of this, Native Americans were seen as recipients of undeserved wealth protected by “inequality” of rights in their favor. Though in many cases this is not true and many Native Americans still live within the poverty levels. To this day Native Americans who are employed tend to make less money than all other races, Native Americans are less likely to be managers, professionals, technicians, sales people or administrators. Most positions held are low-wage jobs. Native Americans do differ in the areas of tourism, casino gambling and government

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