Essay On Evil Decisions In Macbeth

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Evil decisions Royalty is not always perfect, the guys who are perceived to be the good may also have the unseen bad guy’s evil decisions resulting in unpleasant consequences. Evil takes part in any decision made, if not the right decision no so good outcomes may occur. Having the good guy label may be helpful to succeeding, but trusting in bad when seen as good is very risky. Never will a poorly chosen decision have a great outcome forever, consequences will come in the future. Act three scene two, Macbeth is telling Lady Macbeth of another dirty deed he is thinking to precede. He expresses his fear of having Banquo and his sons in his way of becoming king. He tells Lady Macbeth not to worry until the deed is done, for he has…show more content…
Macbeth’s actions are just as poorly chosen as the murder’s that commit the crime today. Macbeth killing anyone in his way is not a way to get to royalty. Succeeding by performing great expectations should be the way Macbeth would want to receive the glory of royalty. Macbeth is seen as good in the beginning of the play for helping his country in fighting against the Norwegian king wanting to harm his familiar surroundings. As the play goes on Macbeth becomes greedy after the mysterious visit of the three witches telling him he will become king. Macbeth becomes the bad guy in this situation when bad thoughts of murder came to mind and started to overcome the good in him. Murder was his intention and for that he killed fellow men who once where in close relation to him and his wife. “I have done the deed.” (Macbeth 2.2) The reason for Macbeth to even believe in himself that he could get away with this is because he was so trustworthy in the beginning by being the good guy and helping out the townspeople rather than being the one to make them need help. Good may be evil hidden so well that there would be no determination if they were actually really good. Doing evil will bring the bad out in the good and therefore if may only effect the good forever. Consequences occur for the evil that is done even if seen as the good guy. Performing bad deeds may never leave the thoughts in a good guys mind, and it may overcome all the future decisions
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