Essay On Elderly In America

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Elderly In America I'm working at one of the retirement home by the Madison Park. I interact with these elderly every day. I love to talk to them. So, on this paper i want to explore the elder citizens in United States. In my opinion, i personally think wealth isn’t money, wealth is happiness. and what is happiness. I think to have happiness; i want to have full family living with me. The culture where i grew up, we total respect older people. For example: we can’t start a meal before older person pick up their chopstick. We have to listen and can’t talk back to elderly. Our grandparents are living in the same house. When we get marry still living in parents’ house. The older a person can live. The more the family is proud of. They believe…show more content…
Our shelves are stocked with products to make us appear younger in any way, shape, or form; our most popular reality TV shows revolve around the lives of the young and beautiful. Everyone wants to look young, feel young is so highly respect by the media also by the public. To be young is to be alive, sexy and full of energy. To be old is to be worthless, illness, ugliness, mental decline, isolation, poverty and depression. This discrimination allows the rest of us to separate ourselves from older people and view them as less than a fully human. But it come to a question how old is old. We really don’t know when is old. Back then in my country, people think sixty is a life time. so when people get to 40 or 50 is consider old because of the life expectancy is much shorter. In today's society the technology and medication is higher so the expectancy of age is somewhere in the sixty is consider old. In Asian culture when you reach to the age of sixty. The family will make a huge party to celebrate your age. Sixty and beyond that is consider very lucky. As in America, people tend not like other to ask about their age. When I just came to America, many people told me it is not polite to ask an American how old they are. Because they can feel very offensive, I am still now wondering what is wrong
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