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The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde, at start as a reader I assume it is about homosexuality but the novel actually focuses on different elements such as crime, politics and society. However the most important element appears to be the “influence” that people or objects have on a person’s “soul” or inner conscious that makes them choose a particular path. We have many people who influence our lives; it can be in a small way that we don’t notice or something that completely changes us. Such is the case in this novel in the form of Lord Henry Wotton who plays a big role in the influence of the main character, Dorian Gray. From the first meeting till the last, we never see the same Dorian as explained by Basil Hallward after they met. To summarise it is the tragedies of the people who were close to the “charming” Dorian Gray, including the unknown mistake of Basil Hallward to make a beautiful portrait of him and introduce him to Lord Henry. It reminds me of the phrase, “Looks can be deceptive”. Oscar Wilde’s novel gives us a really brilliant image of the high class society present that time as well as the ugly low class areas. It shows us how the rich enjoyed themselves in art, music and their lavish lifestyles. The whole story is about the transformation of Dorian from a young innocent boy to a blackmailing criminal. Basil was impressed and influenced by Dorian’s looks since the first time he saw him. Lord Henry was also impressed on seeing an earlier painting and was eager to meet him. On the same day, Lord Henry was introduced to Dorian on Basil’s condition that he doesn’t be a bad influence on him and they eventually turned out to be best friends as well as a very bad influence. It was at that meeting when he was awakened by Lord Henry at the fact that youth was to be enjoyed to the fullest, by obtaining pleasures rather than

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