To What Extent Is The Great Gatsby Really Great

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The “Great” Gatsby Throughout the novel Nick describes Gatsby as “Great.” The reason that makes Gatsby so great in Nick’s eyes is complicated. Gatsby is a man with a disgusting amount of wealth, unclear business dealings, and an uncertain background makes him both captivating and at the same time sickening. The guests that attend his parties are happy to enjoy his fortune, but they are all certain that there is something about him that is not entirely right. There is a sense of curiosity from all of his guests, and throughout the novel, his guests are fascinated by Gatsby, but very few people actually know who he really is. Nick is one of these rare people; Nick is possibly the only individual who truly comes to comprehend and appreciate Gatsby in the end. What makes Gatsby so “great” to Nick is not just the luxury of his daily life and the mesmerizing mystery of his wealth, but his actual personality; Nick gradually recognizes that Gatsby, in his inner self, does not care about his wealth, or social standing, or any of the other unimportant belongings that seems to be significant to everyone else in his superficial world. Rather, Gatsby is interested by the most delicate and craziest of feelings, love.…show more content…
In spite of the fact that he tried to achieve his “moral fantasy” through unpleasant, sometimes untruthful means, we still arise from this story greatly understanding to him; he may have been a fool at periods of time, but he’s a fool for love, a fool for

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