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Essay of Limelight Limelight is a 1952 tragedy-drama film written, directed by and starring Charlie Chaplin, co-starring Claire Bloom. Limelight indicates he congees silent films and gives in talking films. The film was released amidst scandal, since it was during touring to support the film that Chaplin was refused re-admittance to the United States, which was in its intolerant McCarthyist phase. The film was subsequently passed over by many theaters. In 1972, the film was given a wide U.S. release and honored at the Academy Awards. The movie is set in London in 1914, on the eve of World War I. 1914 was the year Chaplin made his first movie. Calvero (Charles Chaplin), once a famous stage clown but now a washed-up drunk, saves a young dancer, Thereza Ambrose, alias Terry (Claire Bloom), from suicide. Nursing her back to health, Calvero helps Terry regain her self-esteem and resume her dancing career. In doing so he regains his own self-confidence, but his attempts to make a comeback are less successful. Terry says she wants to marry Calvero despite their age difference, although she has befriended Neville, a young composer Calvero believes would be better suited to her. In order to give them a chance Calvero leaves home and becomes a street entertainer. Terry, now starring in her own show, eventually finds Calvero and persuades him to return to the stage for a benefit concert. Reunited with an old partner (Keaton), Calvero gives a triumphant comeback performance but immediately suffers a heart attack and dies in the wings while just a few feet away Terry, the second act on the bill, dances on stage. The love between Calvero and Terry is a spiritual loftiness as opposed to material and physical contents, but the love is difficultly understood by the most people having the material values of life in capitalistic society in the first half twenty-century. Charles
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