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Cyrano de Bergerac presents views on ideal people in a very interesting way. The concept of idealism involves absolute perfection and the model of excellence. A good character in literature has three dimensional personalities, and in the characters from the play the audience sees that. On the outside, the characters seem flawless, displaying perfection while putting on their best masks for the public to see. However, the audience is given the chance to analyze the characters in depth. It soon comes to understand that the the characters are only ideal on the outside, as they show serious flaws as the play progresses. In Cyrano de Bergerac, Cyrano, Roxane, and Christian are portrayed as ideal at first glance, yet become realistic when studied further. Cyrano first appears to be the perfect man from the very first time the audience sees him. The size of his brain is surpassed only by the size of his heart. During his duel with Valvert, he displayed a multitude of traits to the audience-- wit, courage, honor, creativity, charm, and heroism. His gifts with tongue and sword make him immediately likable, yet one overwhelming characteristic takes center stage when it come to describing his personality-- his lack of self confidence. Cyrano’s insecurity in his nose prohibits him from mustering the confidence it takes to approach Roxane, believing himself to be unable to acquire her love. Cyrano only expresses his frustration with the size of his nose when talking to Le Bret, his best friend. His insecurities make him much more human and relatable than his mask, ultimately making him realistic and not comically extraordinary at everything he does. Roxane has qualities of a very caring, independent woman with a weak point for the romantic. She continuously does things to remind men of her beauty, intelligence, and kind-hearted personality. She quickly
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