Lord of the Rings- Truth and Perception

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The novel Lord of The Rings explores the concept of truth and perception through the experiences undertaken by the characters. The characters perception of people and environments are shown excessively throughout the novel. Many characters have perceived things which in reality are very different to their perception. These perceptions are not only for the characters but the reader as well, as they can also have many perceptions throughout reading through the novel. A reader will seldom find that his perception is correct in reality of the novel but that’s what makes the novel so interesting. Perceptions are said to be influenced by an individual’s senses. Through these senses a ‘truth’ is formulated. This is emphasised in the novel upon 4 young men confronting a man who is perceived due to his physical appearance as foul, dangerous and untrustworthy. Yet the reality of it is that this man is a king of great power whom they will soon bow down to. Another example of how characters can be perceived throughout the novel is shown throughout the journey of the main protagonist, he was also perceived by his appearance as a small, witless, futile and incapable to carry the great burden before him. Yet as the novel heads towards its crucial climax, he completes the task that many people perceive as impossible for him and rose to be the only one capable of such a task. Another Internal representation of perception is a main character who is perceived as a vile and psycho creature. It is later on shown that the story of this creature is a sad one and he is not at all what he is perceived to be. The irony of this situation is that this creature has become who he is through the perception of others, whatever he is perceived as, he acknowledges and becomes his own perception when inside he truly isn’t what he is perceived to be. This caused the creature to form another
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