Essay About an Object That Came to My Possession

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I have to admit that through my life I haven’t been an ardent fan of what we call destiny. I always believed that we are the ones who make our destiny, but I guess life at times proves me wrong. That’s what happened several years ago, when I was still in high school. As we all know high-school kids become almost obsessed at the beginning of every school year. They always try to find the best bags and accessories that will make the drudgery of the new school year a little bit more pleasant. Like every kid, I set out with my mother on Saturday morning to discover and buy my new school bag. And just about we were ready to give up, as we had been in every single store and I still hadn’t found the one, there it was. A brown leather bag, very simple, but I was sure that this would be the bag I would keep for the rest of my time at school. Of course it was very expensive and we didn’t have all the money required so I would have to come back and get it on Monday noon. To my great disappointment the one and only piece was sold, when I came back on Monday, and to my greater disappointment I notices during the week that a girl from my new class was holding it. And here it is that fate enters. During the year I ended up spending very much time with that girl and before the school year ended we had become inseparable. Towards the end of the year I confessed to her that I wanted her bag desperately in the beginning. So during the summer, when it was my birthday, she gave it to me as a present, saying that our friendship was more important than the bag. Today I still have in my life both the bag and my best friend. Of course I don’t use that bag anymore, since I’m not at school, but it also became a symbol of our friendship, and not just my favourite

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