Environmental Psychology Article Analysis

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Environmental Psychology Article Analysis Name here PSY 460 Environmental Psychologies Date Professor Environmental Psychology Article Analysis The environment plays a role in which he or she lives. As individuals he or she commonly adjusts to the environment and use these benefits as well as he or she can. An individual who lives on the plains can use the natural resources for living, or farming. An individual who lives near water use these natural resources for fishing. Unfortunately, the environment seems not so giving and should not go unnoticed. Our environment is in constant threat of tornadoes, avalanches, hurricanes, and mudslides. The environment in which he or she resides is bountiful and plentiful that he or she can rely on natural resources to survive. What happens when the environment turns the other way, and he or she finish with instability and disaster? In the body of this essay will cover and summarize a current event that involved environmental psychology and to analyze the influence of the current event in environmental psychology. In late presence of 2005, one of the worst disaster’s in nation’s histories crumbled the nation. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina hit the New Orleans coastline. The devastation of Hurricane Katrina was a force of nature. The destruction suffered along the Gulf Coast indeed profound. “More than 1000 lives were lost; property and homes in pieces” (Voosun & Miller, 2006, p. 1). The debris left by Hurricane Katrina trailed jobs, businesses, and properties destroyed, leaving behind families, and lives that seemed shattered. “The destruction wrought by the Hurricane Katrina was multilayered and profound. The lives breached resulted in flooding up to 80% of the city with water rising 25 feet in some places” (Voosun & Miller, 2006, p. 1). This natural disaster left many without food and
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