Book Report On Blizzard Of Glass: The Halifax Explosion Of 1917

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8th Grade Reading Book Report By: Hadeel Damra Bibliography- Walker, Sally. Blizzard of Glass; the Halifax Explosion of 1917. New York: Henry Holt and Company, 2011 Setting- The setting took place in the largest city in Canada, Nova Scotia. Nova Scotia was large, lots of water, so you pretty much see harbors and boats. The Nova Scotia was really big so many people didn’t know each other that well. This was taken place in the past in the late 19OO’s. This city was well known for stock, so all you see in the sky is smoke from the factories near the harbor. Most people were working in factories. The environment wasn’t that well. Most people were really clueless and poor, so there weren’t many houses built. Main Characters-…show more content…
It was effected by the collision in the Halifax Harbor led to the biggest man made explosion in the world before the era of the atomic bomb on December 6th, 1917. Most children were going to school and were on there way; that means most children died rather than adults. It also destroyed the town and that took about 2 years to repair. At the time no one knew what to do they were freaking out because of all these disasters that happened. Most people were distracted by all the fire and such that they didn’t move a one bit; they just stood there. Climax- At 9:06 am, the bumping ship explosion. Many of the spectators on the shore on the buildings around them also vanished. 1600 people were killed in the explosion including the Captains. Out of 9000 were injured, and flying glass were blinding 200 people. 6000 were homeless in the depth of the Nova Scotia in the winter. 20,000 had less than adequate shelter. Before the exploration, Halifax had a population of 50,000 after the explosions there were half of the city without homes. Resolution- In conclusion, the Halifax Harbour was destroy. Everyone was freaked out because of the explosion and/or lost someone that’ was near the explosion. Also the Halifax explosions had a massive impacted in Canada. Almost all the north end of the Halifax was destroyed and killed so many that Canada released a relief effect. It took 18 millions of dollars to repair the North of the

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