Environmental Disaster Essay

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In my opinion the top 3 worst cases of environmental disasters are as follows: 1.) The Great Smog of 1952 On December 9, 1952 the city of London was engulfed by a deadly thick black fog called smog, which had been emitted from factories and homes. This smog killed thousands of people and made hundreds of other extremely ill. It was caused when the severe cold spread through the city and Londoners did what they always did in the situation, they burned coal to warm their homes, but the smoke stayed because of the lack of wind. In my opinion this is the worst disaster because in the span of five days thousands of people died, the air was extremely polluted, visibility was low, and in many places nature died. Also in recent studies it was found that 12,000 premature deaths could be attributed to this environmental disaster. 2.) Baia mare Cyanide Spill In Baia Mare, Romania on January 30,2000 , 100,000 cubic meters of cyanide- contaminated water leaked out of the dam spewing out 100 tons of cyanide. This incident threatened the water supplies of 2.5 million people in central eastern Europe. Not only was Romania’s River somes, Hungary’s river Tisza and Yugoslavia’s Danube polluted but the Black Sea had also been included in the cyanide pollution. Because of this approximately 300 tons of dead fish were removed from the rivers and up to a hundred people were hospitalized after eating contaminated fish. This was the second worst disaster because the cyanide killed many aquatic plants and fish, it contaminated the locals drinking and bathing water, and it caused up to a hundred people to be hospitalized because of the spill. 3.) E-waste in Guiyu China Guiyu is made up of four small villages in China and it is the largest electronic waste site on earth. The reason this is a environmental
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