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During the Vietnam War, millions of aircrafts flew above Vietnam dropping bombs or spraying defoliants on the land below. What was being dropped from these aircrafts? Several different types of defoliants the most powerful and most commonly used one, however, was Agent Orange. Agent Orange was used by the U.S. against the Vietnamese as it served many purposes. Agent Orange was a riot control agent also known as a RCA.(Goldlust Chemical warfare p.111) Agent Orange, named for the orange stripes on the 55-gallon drums it was stored in, is a powerful defoliant that was used by the U.S. during the Vietnam War. Agent Orange served many purposes such as killing plants that would have otherwise been used as cover for the enemy, bombing rice fields to starve the…show more content…
should have used Agent Orange, because it caused many long-term effects to humans. Some birth defects are still occurring due to Agent Orange. Currently, 15,451 people are suffering from the effects of the toxic chemicals. Some conditions due to Agent Orange include: Hodgkin’s disease, multiple Myeloma, non-Hodgekin’s lymphoma, diabetes, Spina bifida, and Cloracne. These illnesses are all occurring in U.S. veterans. Large head syndrome, retardation, sever bone malformation, uncontrolled muscle spasms, and hyper activity are occurring in the offspring of people who handled or came in contact with the defoliant. Not only did Agent Orange destroy lives, it destroyed crops, fields, and homes. Billions of dollars worth of damage occurred from the use of Agent Orange. About 42 percent of the amount of Agent Orange that we used was devoted to crop destruction; the products of hours of hard work were demolished within seconds. Agent Orange caused many people to starve to death. It has been reported, by the New York Times, that the herbicide destroyed 75 percent of the rice crops. Because people’s homes and crops were being destroyed, they were left homeless and hungry on the

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