English Language Teaching Concepts

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141 MJAL 4:3 Autumn 2012 ISSN 0974-8741 A pedagogical proposal for teaching grammar using consciousness-raising tasks 1. Mónica Beatriz Crivos & 2. Pedro Luis Luchini A pedagogical proposal for teaching grammar using consciousness-raising tasks Mónica Beatriz Crivos Universidad Tecnológica Nacional Universidad CAECE, Mar del Plata mcrivos@ciudad.com.ar Abstract There are more than one way to define grammar as such within the SLA (second language acquisition) paradigm. Grammar may be defined as a formal mechanism according to which language works; as a functional system used to convey meaning; or as a resource to be consulted by both teachers and learners of the language, among other options. In view of these viewpoints, the question arises as to which concept of grammar should be considered more appropriate in ELT mainstream. This widespread concern has provoked a manifest interest among practitioners, linguists and researchers worldwide. A comprehensible answer to this question entails detailed examination of the current literature on the teaching of grammar to offer some sensible and practical contribution to the profession. This paper explores the role of grammar in second language learning. Two different ways of approaching the teaching of grammar in the EFL classroom were critically analyzed: traditional grammar practice and consciousness-raising. Some areas of convergence and divergence between these two approaches were highlighted and some examples of consciousness-raising tasks for the teaching of grammar per se were presented, along with the principles underlying each of them. Finally, some pedagogical recommendations were offered and some related areas for further research were suggested. Pedro Luis Luchini Universidad Nacional de Mar del Plata Universidad CAECE, Mar del Plata luchinipedroluis@gmail.com Key words: grammar teaching,
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