Enduring Love Essay

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In ‘Enduring Love’, McEwan helps the storyline progress with the use of opposites, which in this case are what we consider to be normal behaviour with what we believe is abnormal behaviour. Then by merging the two, it keeps the reader ‘hooked’ as they become intrigued as to how at first, two completely different personalities, could have their characteristics ‘rub off’ onto one another, which in their opinions defies the laws of our modern day society. At the start of the novel, the reader almost instantly conceives Joe Rose to be a ‘normal’ man, who after being reunited with his partner, Clarissa, is taking her out for a romantic picnic “under a turkey oak” with a “Daumas Gassac” bottle of wine. Similarly, Jed Parry is soon perceived as the direct opposite, an…show more content…
However, as the novel continues, McEwan cleverly begins to blur the boundary that previously existed in the way the two differed in terms of their ‘normal’ and ‘abnormal behaviour.’ This is because of how the reader begins to interpret Joe’s behaviour as ‘abnormal’ as he becomes mentally stressed by the harassment and painstaking experience that Jed has put him through. An example of this is the way in which Joe too becomes obsessed with Jed as he desperately searches for answers as to what is driving him on to interfere so significantly with his life. An example of this is just after the balloon incident, before Joe is even aware of the effect Jed will have on his life. It comes when Joe observes Jed in rather excessive detail and going into such depths, he even describes his “red shoe laces” and how “his knuckles brushing against his leather belt were big and tight knobbed under the
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