An Analysis of Tone and Character of Raymond Carvers Walk We Talk About When We Talk About Love

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Tone and Mood: Transition Light to Dark “Sunlight filled the kitchen from the window behind the sink” Light filled the room making a luminous and inviting atmosphere evening the playing field for every character and even the reader. This kitchen could be any ones kitchen yours, mine, your aunt’s. This group of friends could be yours and the stories being told could be your. “Mel reached across the table and touched Terri’s cheek with his fingers. He grinned at her.” Line 10 He grinned at her with such love and attention. Despite such a serious story that Terri is telling a sense of mirth is felt in the tome and mood of Carver’s writing. Mel and Terri have a playful banter between the two of them an old love that has grown between the two of them. As the gin makes its rounds around the table and the limes follow so do the truths of each person’s views on love. As Mel’s story of Terri’s ex lover develops his speech and tone become more and more tense drawing in both Nick and Laura’s attention. “Going on a year and a half,” Laura said. Flushed and smiling.” Line 50 Nick and Laura display their own views and feelings of love with their public displays of affection with one another. As one bottle is finished another is opened to perpetuate the cycle and develop the stories each character shares. At this point the couples are in a kind of enchanted, fairy tale state, perhaps they are drunk but this point the world seems to be glowing and warm. “The afternoon sun was like a presence in this room, the spacious light of ease and generosity. We could have been anywhere, somewhere, enchanted. We raised our glasses again and grinned at each other like children who had agreed on something forbidden.” Line 55 The ease and generosity provide the chance for each of them to be free, to speak, to feel, to remember, and to express themselves.

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