Emerging Nokia Essay

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Case Study – Emerging Nokia? Helena Krogtorp –G13 MGMT 102: Strategy Assignment Date: Student: 17.october 2012 Helena Krogtorp Total Score Trait Point Range Below Standard 0-4 Meets Standard 5–7 Exceeds Standard 8-10 Score Issues Does not recognize a problem or mentions problems that are not based on facts of the case. Simply repeats facts listed in case and does not discuss the relevance of these facts. Recognizes one or more key problems in the case. Recognizes multiple problems in the case. Indicates some issues are more important than others and explains why. Discusses facts of the case in relation to empirical and theoretical research and add knowledge from personal experience. Provides thorough and sometimes insightful analysis of facts presented in the case, using multiple methods or tools to reach conclusions about potential courses of action. Provides thorough consideration of multiple alternative courses of actions, identifying strengths and weaknesses of each. Knowledge Considers facts from the case and cites related knowledge from theoretical or empirical research. Analysis Does not attempt to draw meanings from facts presented in the case, or uncritically accepts opinions as facts. Uses tools, approaches, or methods as necessary to combine facts or derive meanings from facts in order to reach conclusions about potential courses of action. Discusses alternative courses of action that reasonably might be taken. Alternatives No alternative courses of action considered. Actions and No action proposed or Consequences proposes infeasible action(s). No positive and negative consequences are identified. Reasonable action(s) proposed. Positive and negative consequences for each action are discussed. Proposed actions seem to deal with the most important
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