Embarrassing Experience Essay

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My mom always drives her nice eye-catching gaudy red TOYOTA to every place that she goes. When I was 10, my mom and I went shopping at Central Pinklao, and as usual, she drove her favorite car, which she is very proud of. It was my second time at this place. I remembered that the parking lots at Central Pinklao are on many levels, and each level there are many sections. On that day, when we arrived at Central Pinklao at noon, my mom parked the car and quickly walked into the store, with me walking behind looking confusingly at a thick pole that said “ 3½ 2.” I followed my mom down the stairs and entered the department store. I was trilled because there were not only a lot of people, but also many colorful display of goods on the shelves. We walked leisurely around for 30 minutes, and I felt hungry and asked my mom to have lunch. We had delicious self-made Suki at M.K. restaurant. After that, we shopped for 2 hours, but what we bought was only my mom’s a pair of high heels. It was about 4.00 p.m., and we were in the fifth floor. “ Mama, my legs are sore. I wanna go home,” I said “ O.K. but wouldn’t you like to see some toys?” she asked. I pay no attention to her, and walked quickly to an elevator. My mom followed me into the elevator, pressed button 3. The elevator slowly climbed down to the third floor and jerked to a stop. We walked out to the parking space. My mom went straight to block 2 that she was familiar with, and I followed her. “ Oh, my God! ” my mom shouted and let go the shopping bag with the pair of high heels. “ Where is my car? It has disappeared. Our car has been stolen!” I was startled at the thought of losing our only car. At that moment, a head sentry came and asked us what had

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